KHG Development’s Chairman, U Kyi Soe and his team have been inspired by the impressive changes taking place in Myanmar and are committed to bringing residents quality finishes that are comparable to Singapore standards.

With floors crafted in 2 different patterns, interlaced vertically to give a dynamic configuration, every INFINITY residence benefits from diagonally outward views. More than a skin-deep façade to the building, the property is literally chiselled at every level to show its beauty and from afar it appears like a brilliant cut precious stone.

The INFINITY Sky Bridge is the only point at which the towers - making up the property - interconnect. It takes you to a vast array of leisure amenities on the INFINITY Sky Terrace where you can experience immense pleasure with your family in this open space dedicated to your enjoyment and to spending quality time with your loved ones.

The INFINITY Sky Terrace is THE place to while away the day, relaxing on the pool deck, taking a swim in the infinity pool, having a barbecue with friends and fellow residents or working out in the gym after a day in the office. It is where your children can have fun in the play area giving you precious moments to take in the fabulous panorama with wrap-around views of the city including Inya Lake, Shwedagon Pagoda and Kandawgyi Lake.